Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dynamic Ogrish Skin

It seems as though there is an untold number of ways in which to interpret that which is fantasy.  Consider the skin of an ogre.  Is it tan?  Is it Green?  I personally am in the Blue/Gray camp.  Why?  I like it that way.  It to me is a culmination of the more popular choices for Ogrish skin.  Let me explain.

First, If you are a painter of mini's and you do not use a palette to mix your paints; you are not getting the most from your painting experience!  You can only get away with mixing paint by building up it up in thin dry brushed layers for so long.  Your other option is to spend tons of cash on 100's of paints. 

 My palette is my ever evolving friend.  After every paint job, he changes.  I also don't get out much...  

Now that we got that out of the way...  

Ogrish Skin, by MiniGrinder.  :p

tl;dw.  Changing the names of the colors to more generic nomenclature. 
  • dark dark brown primer 
  • dark brown dry brushed base layer
  • mix of bluish gray, and gray as a thin drybrushed layer
  • (optional) for more bluish tone, add another thin drybrushed layer of your bluish gray color
  • highlight with a very thin layer of leather/Tan
The great thing about this paint scheme is that it can be used for other goblinoid style races too.  Adding more bluish gray and more leather/tan color will make the skin appear more green.  This color play between just three colors offers a high dynamic range for all things Ogrish.  I highly suggest you give it a shot,