Friday, September 5, 2014

MiniGrinder Commission Mission

What can I say, but "I have no shame."  I'm not sure why I feel guilty asking people for money to paint them miniatures. Alas, I do.  In our world (probably all worlds), everything is tradeable.  I would love to trade you my hard work for your hard work.  I would like to be able to paint minis all the time.  This is impossible without paying for them somehow.  

When it comes to painting miniatures for monetary compensation, I have two outlets.  Ebay and commissions.  

For the most part, my Ebay sales have pretty much funded the whole sha-bang.  It allows me to buy new minis for painting, and production hardware and software for my youtube channel.  The downside is, I'm selling my personal collection.  It is constantly (but not often enough) rotating and changing.  The upside is, I've never had the chance to paint this many miniatures for myself.  Because I sell miniatures from my personal collection, I price them for what they are worth to me.  That may seem steep at times, but ebay needs their cut for the posting as well!

When it comes to commissions, I have a little more wiggle room on prices.  In this situation, I have to ask for a price that makes it worth it for you.  I love doing commission jobs.  Now that I have the MiniGrinder Paints Live series rolling, you can actually watch me paint your commissioned job live! 

Pricing a commission can be a bit tricky.  Quoting a commission on the other hand is a bit easier.  Below is my pricings.  Please keep in mind that these prices are not set in stone.  Some miniatures are much easier to paint than others.  

  • 15mm to 25mm miniatures with low details (like the skeletons above). $5-$15 per
  • 15mm to 28mm miniatures with moderate to high details. $20-$40 per
  • 28mm-40mm miniatures with low details. $25-$50
  • 40mm+ miniatures $50+
  • Basing for some miniatures may be extra, depending upon the miniature.
  • At the moment, I do not do custom modeling jobs.  This is something I would like to work on, but I need cash to fund such an enterprise!
  • I like using paypal and money orders for transactions
  • Rush jobs are possible.  I paint fast, so turn around can be quick if you are first in line.
If you would like to commission a piece, feel free to contact me!