Tuesday, September 23, 2014

an Update from the Great El Noumo

My master plan is now in motion... MWUAHAHAHAH!

To whom it may concern...

Mini's ordered. Hobby Stone ordered. Molds Ready. MiniGrinder is pooping bricks this week...

So next weekend is the first session of the new campaign that I am co-producing. My brother and Head Designer of our d20 system Valentia Role Playing System, will be directing as GM. I will be handling set design and post production work. I am really excited to start this project. There is so much to do, and yet so little time to do it.

The plan is to produce a weekly short video out of our sessions. Unlike what I've done with Archivo Deorum, we will not be broadcasting this campaign live. This will allow me to throw in all the bells and whistles after the fact. I am even going to experiment with using a green screen to add in animated backgrounds and other special effects.

This campaign will take place primarily in a city. Up until now, I was using papercrafting to build all my structures. That's all about to change. I will now be using molds from Hirst Arts to help the tabletop's dimension of the third kind. I will be constructing these buildings from molds, and painting them. The objective here is to build these buildings in the most modular way possible. Stay tuned to my MiniGrinder Paints Live series on my youtube channel for sneak peeks of what I am working on for this campaign.

For each encounter, I would like to produce an original piece of art depicting the scene, or maybe where the scene takes place. Other original artwork will include stuff like maps and images of special items, graphic overlays and character profiles.

Much of the tabletop will be captured in still frames and broken down into layers, allowing me to "animate" the still images using a parallaxing technique. The old 720p webcam I use for everything now, will be used primarily for capturing an overhead view of the tabletop.

When it is all edited down and polished, what we will have is something akin to an animated graphic novel. However, as we all know the story will be written dynamically through the dice rolls. Because that's how tabletop RPG's work damn it! So now you can see why I am so excited about this project! Its going to be the ultimate tabletop fantasy!

Now all I need to do is learn how to do half the stuff I mentioned... I'm only one person. Do not expect to see a finished product for months after we film the adventure. Once I have a trailer for the series put together I will probably put together a Kickstarter campaign to help turn this project up to eleven! I have been funding this all by painting miniatures and putting them up on ebay. If you would like to donate to this project. You can start by visiting my ebay profile page. Any miniature you purchase will help me put together the best god damned fantasy tabletop rpg adventure..... ever.... Well, we'll see...