Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Cure for Undeath

I did it!  With the flick of my wet brush, I finished my Undead Collection. Finally.  If numerating them matters to you, there are 6 Skeletal Spearman, 3 skeletal Swordsman, 3 Skeletal Bowman, 3 Zombies, a Wraith Harvester, a Spirit, a Night Spectre, Arrius the Skeletal Champion, the Ghost King, Malek the Necromancer, a Colossal Skeleton and Nethyrmaul, the Undying.  all of these miniatures are produced by Reaper Miniatures.  They've got a really wide selection in general, so when I set out to start up my Undead Project, it was a clear choice.

The only pieces missing are that which I have yet to even purchase, and a Grave Wraith I sold on ebay.  That's right, I sold part of my precious Undead Collection.  The same Collection which has all matching basing and paint schemes!  I did this not because I'm psychotic, but because my gracious patrons may be!  If they are willing to spend good hard earned cash, backed by the full faith and credit of the United States of Wastes-A-Lot-Of-Money, on my lovely mini's; then they deserve to have things like matching bases and consistent paint schemes.

I would use phrases like, "a tad anal" to describe myself if I didn't think that would be the only thing the internet remembers me by.  I can't only blame my loyal pledgers.  May be its a trait of geeks to be fanatical and "a tad anal" when it comes to tabletop projects.  I think I've stated this before, but I go the extra mile to make my work consistent because it just looks better that way.

I use to not go the extra mile.  I also use to paint minis just for cigarettes and gas money!  How else would I make it to the game on Sunday!  I never really ever had miniatures of my own until I started doing commission work and selling them on ebay.  Everytime I sell a miniature, I am growing my consistent ever-evolving collection properly based miniatures.  Whats a broke ass hobbyist to do?

I'm gonna keep painting these ripping little minis.  I will always be adding to and updating my Undead Collection, unless of course my new sugar daddy (preferably mommy) buys the lot of them.  My next collection of minis to work on is almost as terrifying as these creepers.  NPC's and town guard! OH NO!  I desperately need to get started on them before the next Campaign gets going!