Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Basing a Miniature with Metal Washers

Believe it or not, basing a miniature properly is a new hobby of mine.  At first, I sought out what most people use.  Plastic Bases.  I prefer round bases.  You walk into one of the two gaming stores you know of 50 miles of your home, and they never have exactly what you need.  Not too mention what they do have is usually a rip off.  A pack of 6, 40mm bases, "5 bucks please."  I soon realized that, if you are crafty, you can save a ton of money.  

Here's what you'll need to base a miniature with a metal washer.

  • metal washers (incase you weren't paying attention earlier)
  • epoxy putty (the crap they sell to bond a muffler to your car)
  • time
  • money
Metal washers are cheap.  They usually let them go for less than two dimes for the largest, and about a dime for the smallest.  Be smart and go for the washers made with the cheap metals.  They are thin so your miniatures sit right flush with the table.  Their weight also lowers the miniatures center of gravity, giving the miniature balance.  Metal washers make perfect bases for plastic and resin miniatures.

The only con I have with using washers is; They don't make them big enough.  It's hard to find any washer bigger than two inches in diameter.  Your best chance there is a factory supply store.  Not too many of those around.  Long story short, This won't work for miniatures bigger than Ogre.

I went ahead and made a video showing the process.  


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