Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MiniGrinder Paints Nethyrmaul, the Undying

Nethyrmaul, the Undying is a fantastic model of an undead dragon of the fleshy, zombie variety.  It is made by the wonderful folks over at Reaper.

For the paint scheme, I went with an undead red dragon as per the suggestions of many friends.  I painted this miniature in about 13 hours give or take.  It still isn't done.  I have to base it yet, and do one last round of touchups and highlights.  I like to look at a miniature for a few days after I have "finished" one.  This gives me time to decide what needs touched up.

I always do patterns and extra detailing if I can get away with it.  I wanted to come up with a skin pattern to use on Nethyrmaul, and future red dragon projects.  I often ask Google what I should do when tasked with creating nature's patterns.  A simple image search yielded me the Eastern Hog-Nosed Snake as a model.
Isn't it adorable.  I even liked the black tongue for this paint scheme.  In hindsight, there really wasn't much room to translate this pattern to the model, and it be recognized.  Which I understand from some point of view is a plus.  With this image, I went to work...

I didn't actually expect you to watch 99% of that.  Don't feel bad.  These videos serve as a reference.  If you wanna know how I did something, go find it and watch that part.  At some point, I may go back and edit these videos down into some kind of montage.  We'll wait and see...

I will produce one or two more parts to this MINI-series, hehe, in which I do some touch ups and base him.
Here are some current pics as well!