Sunday, November 9, 2014


Please don't quote me if I am wrong, but if I'm not mistaken "Fhtagn" means "Waits".  If for some reason you have found yourself here completely randomly, this fellow here is a little Ancient One we love to call... C'thulhu! (Did you get that there? call? Hilarious!)  Don't get too excited yet.  Hold it in.  He ain't finished yet.  Hence the title. Wait.

Now I am not a huge Lovecraft fan.  I am ashamed to say I have never even read one of the short stories.  I will insert my disclaimer here so I can get my apologies out of the way now. I am sorry if I butcher anything but english grammar in this post.  I did however consult with a Mister Joke-Boy, a fanatic about my ideas for the paint scheme.  He is also the one who will be running our single Call if C'thulhu session in the coming months.  He also tells me that aside from the tail and claws, this model is pretty darn accurate.  My source claims that he has never read anything that describes C'thulhu with a tail.  He also thought the claws could have been a little longer.  This particular model is produced by Reaper Miniatures in bonesium and was sculpted by a very talented Kevin Williams.  While I respect the quality and accuracy of his work.  I may end up doing a nail extension before I'm through.  

By now you are wondering why I am starting another project when I already have 63 other projects on going.  Me too.  Rest assured and sleep well at night.  Nothing is on the back burner here. I am hoping to go all out with this so called miniature.  Incredible detail.  Amazing base.  I am even thinking of installing a light to that amazing base.  Up until now, I have always posted my work to ebay with a price.  I am considering putting this one up for auction.  I want to know if I am selling myself short.

I started off like I do with all my bonesium minis, with a base coat of a dark color.  In this case, that would be pure black.  After I lay down that first coat, I tend to lay one more thick drybrushed layer down.  This layer I usually mix in the base color with the color I chose first.  In this case, it was a dark green.  I then give the piece a few pulses of ultra flat matte sealant.  You can apply paint directly to bonesium miniatures.  However, the first layers can and do rub off on high traffic areas.  I let the paint and sealer set at least overnight.  Even though it looks dry, it may not have set yet.  As you can see You'll still have issues, no matter how much you try and prevent it.  If you know a better result, I would love to hear of it.

The paint scheme is composed of hide areas, boney areas and fleshy areas.  The hide is a soft color gradient from a dark green to a pale lichen highlight.  The boney areas are layered with pure black, and then lightly dry brushed with dark green,and highlighted with the same pale lichen.  The flesh is layered with stone grey, and then dry brushed with a mix of blood red and stone grey.  I then highlight the flesh with a mix between aged bone and blood red.  If you would like to see how I blended it all together you can check out these raw video captures from the livestream broadcasts.

In case you were waiting for the punchline, here are some milestone pics!

So what else is left to do? 

 I would like to add some natural detailing to the hide.  I am pouring over pictures of octopus, cuttlefish and squid as we speak.  I am not sure what detail I will go with, but the pattern will be based layered with stone grey.  

As stated before, I would love to do something special with the base.  I am still toying with some ideas.  If you have any, feel free to share!