Thursday, November 13, 2014


I am going to start doing some short posts every day or so to keep an account and review of the miniatures I have worked on.  In each quick post I will share with you how I approached the paint scheme and other resources.

So in this first blurble lets take a look at Reaper's Frost Worm.  This miniature was modeled by Kevin Williams.  I always start out the same.  I frost the figure.  This is just a dark primer (or base coat) with a uniform and indiscriminate dry-brushing of the miniature.  However, Since this Frost Wyrm is going to be primarily painted white, I toyed with a moderate drybrushing of purple.  This will give great color contrast between the scales and the skin.

When I approach a paint scheme, I look for common features on the figure.  I then assign a color pattern that will hopefully match.  This scheme was obvious.  Use cold colors. The blues and purples with make this white look cold!  

The scales, carapace, beard and legs were painted white.  I then applied a purple wash.  After that dried, I drybrushed these areas with white again.

The belly was drybrushed with a light sky blue.  I then lightly drybrushed the scales along the back that were closest to the belly and the beard.  I wanted a nice smooth color gradient from light blue to white.   After a quick highlight with light LIGHT blue, the body looked like ice!  

The bony bits and eyes where all base layered with black and drybrushed with light blue.  

Finally the skin on the fins had to follow suit with the skin.  I based them with purple and then added a light white to the purple to create that stretched skin look.  Easy on the paint here!

Time for pics! Checkerout!

This was commission was painted with a value-priced quote.  As such, I did not spend days on it as much as I wanted.  I did end up going back and touching him up before mailing him out.  Also, I painted this guy without the camera in my face for once.  So I am sorry but I got no clip for him either.  


This was a lovely miniature to paint.  I will definitely paint it again!  Though next time we'll shoot for showroom quality!