Thursday, November 20, 2014

From Fire to Silver

In an effort to populate my ebay store with Holiday Merchandise, I've picked up a few dragons to paint.  The first one is Reaper's Bones Miniature of a Fire Dragon (77109).  As you can see, I did not paint this one as a "Fire Dragon", but rather a Silver Dragon.  It was a clear choice after referencing this wiki. This lovely dragon model was sculpted by Sandra Garrity and now painted by yours truly!

First things first.  According to that wiki, a 5e Silver Dragon has two claws coming from the wing.  To conform to this standard I took the claw on the wing of the Fire Dragon, and split it in half.  Presto!  Two claws per wing!  Once I was done mutilating the miniature, I base layered the fella with twilight blue for all the silvery areas and brown for all the yellowy areas.

Teh Color Scheme
  • Body:  Based with Twilight Blue, Then dry brush layered from Stone Grey to Polished Silver.  Highlighted with Polished Silver.
  • Belly, Claws and Spines:  Based with earth brown, the drybrushed with a dull yellow and washed again with earth brown.  I then Highlighted it with more of the dull yellow.
  • Membranes:  Based with Twilight Blue, and highlighted with Aged Bone.
  • Claws: Based with Earth Brown and the drybrushed and highlighted with Aged Bone.
If you would like to watch how I did each section of this miniature, you can check out the raw video from my live stream:

In part two of this series, I showed how I created the custom base for this piece.  About an hour of stamping some fast acting epoxy putty with a rock later and we have a great basis for a custom base!  I finished the stonework with a moderate dry brushing of Stone Grey and highlighting of Aged Bone.


If you would by chance like to purchase this collectable piece, I have started an auction on ebay just in time for the holidays!  You can check that out here!  Happy bidding!