Friday, November 14, 2014

An old slug of a mini!

Grenadier's Corrosion Creeper 
circa 1983

I looked and looked for the name of the sculptor for this one.  Alas, no dice.  This one for me was a commission piece.  I was asked to paint him up as a white slug with green poison spittle!  I am always happy to breath some new life into some old miniatures.  

The paint scheme is comprised of two color gradients mainly.  

For the skin, start with a base coat of dark brown.  Follow it up with a dry brushing of pure white to establish the gradient.  As a general rule shadowed areas should remain brownish to help create a sense of depth.

For all things poisonous I went with a base coat of leaf green.  To give it that poisonous and puss-look I added golden blonde to establish this color gradient and as a highlight.

The underside was based brown and then highlighted with a mix of brown and golden blonde.

The eyes are a base coat of golden blonde with a dot of leaf green.  

Note how the pure white  and leaf green nodules on the back really give this paint scheme some character.  I also added some leaf green veins to the floppy spines on its back.

This paint scheme is a prime example of how to paint a quality job without 17 different colors.  Try your best to keep your color palette contained.  I used a total of 4 colors to paint this miniature.  It makes it easier to find 4 colors that will match, than it is to find 17 that match.